Paradise is a general purpose Free-form progressive lens that offers significantly improved optics compared to conventionally surfaced lenses. Because the design is custom created to 1/100th of a diopter and only after all of the patients parameters are known, it will result in a better, more perfect visual experience. It has multiple corridor lengths available down to a 14mm fitting height.

Paradise Enhanced is a Free-form progressive lens series incorporating the latest digital technology. It makes use of the higher accuracy of digital surfacing to allow for the incorporation of additional measurements. These optional measurements, panoramic angle, pantoscopic tilt and vertex distance, compensate the prescription both at the optical center, as well as globally as the eye rotates into the periphery. It can also be personalized to a patients specific preferences. Simply by ranking from most important to least important, Distance, Intermediate and Near, the subtle shape of the corridor will be adjusted to how the patient wants to use their lenses.

Layout Chart and Panoramic Angle Guide (be sure to print without scaling). [Coming Soon]

Paradise Office is a digitally surfaced progressive design that is superior to progressive lenses for an office environment, because it devotes a larger area of the lens to the distances where most of your time is spent. The result is a wider area of clear vision for arm's length distance, and a more comfortable head position for near work. This design provides comfortable vision over a range of 1 foot to 10 feet for your work or hobbies.

Paradise SV is an advanced FreeForm Single Vision design using the latest digital technology. It is a digitally surfaced lens design that creates a custom prescription to 1/100th of a diopter, perfectly matching the refraction. By incorporating additional measurements it compensates the prescription to create perfect vision regardless of the angle of gaze. It also allows a much wider range for base curves for a given prescription with out any sacrifice in visual acuity. This SV design can also be digitally ground into Flat-Top and Tri-Focal Semi-finished blanks, creating the best possible lens for presbyopes resistant to PALs.